Boram’s middle finger?

A picture from a charity visit T-ara attended shows Boram’s middle finger extended while standing behind Hwayoung and the child 


Hwayoung eating pizza by herself

Always looking like the loner of the group

All the T-ara members having fun except Hwayoung


A cut from Hello Baby shows the T-ara members sleeping next to each other side by side while Hwayoung takes care of the kids and doesn’t even get a pillow


Hyomin pushing Hwayoung away

Hwayoung affectionately puts her hand on Hyomin (Hyomin doesn’t know Hwayoung put her hand on her)

Eunjung sees this and gets ready to push Hwayoung away

Eunjung pushes her away, Hwayoung surprised

Hwayoung gets pushed away

Hyomin is about to pose

Notices Hwayoung

Waving her hands away to Hwayoung, Eunjung comes to help

Hwayoung is taken aback, tries to smile

Hwayoung takes her hand off

Ends with an awkward forced smile


Video shows T-ara dissing Hwayoung,

When Mason selects Hwayoung as the nicest member Hyomin’s expression becomes grave.

Hwayoung is playing with Mason when Hyomin remarks at 0:56, “Are you dating each other?”

When Mason feeds Hwayoung, Hyomin remarks again “They’re having a date right now”

Hwayoung is fed by Mason at 2:51, when Hyomin remarks once again, “Why would you use aegyo like he’s your boyfriend?” and then imitates her exaggeratedly. Jiyeon and Soyeon joins her.

When Hwayoung asks Mason to feed her, Hyomin remarks at 4:30, “Do you not have hands? Eat it yourself”

Hwayoung dancing by herself during Lovey Dovey

The left shows the members dancing together, on the right is Hwayoung by herself


The road is quite narrow so its hard to stand together side to side

Soyeon’s determination to block Hwayoung


After Hwayoung makes a video letter to the CEO, the T-ara members make Qri redo it saying “What was that?”

Hwayoung states she wants to be loved by the T-ara members and look cute in their eyes, Boram responds in an overdone voice then says shes not cute at all.

Ahreum and Hwayoung aren’t really part of the talk.. T-ara members are seen to enjoy the talk laughing and talking badly about Hwayoung. This was Ahreum’s first talk show. During a little section where Ahreum sent a video letter while crying, Hyomin cried together with her. When Hwayoung talks, they just laugh and make sarcastic remarks.